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EGU music group - photo TJ Wrench (who ought to stick to "playing" that bass.

Church Life

Whether young or old this church has something for you to get involved in. Whether it is gathering together for worship on a  Sunday, meeting to discuss the bible and ask questions during the week, or meet others for friendship.

This page gives a flavour of what we do and who we are. If you want to know more or to get involved then the best way is to come and join us and get to know us.​​

EGU craft circle knitting - photo by TJ Wrench

Craft circle

 A group of people, mainly but not exclusively women, interested in soft crafts meet on a Monday afternoon from 2pm.


Some bring their own craft project, be it knitting, tapestry, sewing etc, whilst others knit strips which are later sewn into blankets for the homeless.

Other projects include little vests and hats for babies which are sent to the Salvation Army, who in turn send them wherever there is a need.

Recently the group made several hundred Christmas Angels that were left round Louth at Christmas.


All are welcome to join us for a chat and a cup of tea on a Monday.

Book Pages
Bible image from Wix

We hold several bible studies per week, either at the church or members' homes. Please contact us for up-to-date information.

Bible studies/prayer groups

There is a prayer group that meets 9.30 - 10.30 every Wednesday.

Coffee Mornings

Every Wednesday Morning from 10.00am until Noon the church is open for a quality filter coffee, or cup of tea, and a chat.  Disclaimer: the associated picture does not show actual church coffee. As yet we don’t have a milk frother, and none of us can do coffee art. Picture also doesn’t show biscuits, which are provided, and all for a donation of your choice.

Mug of coffee

Other Activities

EGU soup with rolls. Photo - TJ Wrench

We occasionally hold one-off or quarterly events such as soup lunches, concerts or exhibitions. These are posted on the front page as and when they occur.

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